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Quality Focused Engineering Serving The Greater New Orleans Region

We are not your traditional engineering and consulting firm.  We are a collective of individuals that serve a purpose greater than themselves.  The concept of performing great work for a client is not considered the exception at Wingate.  It's expected.  We are intentional about working with clients, partners, stakeholders and organizations that look to not only deliver exceptional products and services, but also look to improve the lives and communities of the people they serve.  Whenever you work with us, you always leave with a little something extra.  At our very core, IT’S WHO WE ARE.  


Our passion is to advance our communities and the lives of our clients through industry-leading engineering services and the highest level of integrity. We are a collective of individuals that serve a purpose greater than themselves.


Wingate’s civil engineering experience includes the design, construction and management of commercial and residential facilities, utility coordination, wastewater and drainage infrastructure design, roadway design, and stormwater management.


We want to maximize the impact for our community and explore how we can make the most long-lasting influence, structurally and otherwise. We have a strong track record of delivering projects on time and under budget without ever sacrificing the quality of our work.

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