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Wingate was created by Josh Torregano after working as a Project Manager with a local regional firm for nearly a decade. During this experience, Josh managed multi-million dollar projects throughout Louisiana and the Gulf Coast Region and coordinated with clients such as the City of New Orleans, Sewerage and Water Board and Department of Public Works. As a young engineer dedicated to serving the community he grew up in, Josh decided to take the risk of starting his own firm, which came to be Wingate Engineers, inspired by a street name in his childhood neighborhood of Gentilly. 


Creating Wingate gave Josh the opportunity to take risks and create an organization absent of hierarchies, leaving more space for innovation and creative ways to explore how the built environment influences the resiliency of communities. As a homegrown New Orleanian with a family in the Gentilly neighborhood, Josh is exploring how problem solving models used in engineering design could be applied to solve a number of problems facing local communities. 


Wingate is invested in the longevity and sustainability of the City of New Orleans because we are ourselves community members. We habitually partner with other local firms and are committed to developing the skills of the local workforce to bring New Orleans to the forefront of design innovation. Wingate has the added-value of mentoring from our partner firms as well as the crucial insight of local community members and stakeholders. 

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