NORA CAP Program

What is the cap program?


The City of New Orleans and the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority (NORA) are undertaking a network of initiatives to help study, educate, and implement green infrastructure projects citywide. This coordinated effort will culminate with the city’s first comprehensive Resilience District in the Gentilly neighborhood. In order to promote better green infrastructure improvements on individual residential properties, NORA will oversee the design and implementation of stormwater management interventions through the new Community Adaptation Program (CAP) in the Gentilly neighborhood. 

why wingate?

The Wingate Team was selected to participate in Phase 2 of this program, which is specifically targeting residents in the Gentilly neighborhood of New Orleans.  As a part of our scope, our team is responsible for coordinating the community outreach, engagement and education of each applicant/homeowner in the program.  Our team is also responsible for the schematic design and construction of all drainage, stormwater management, landscape architecture and beautification elements of the program.  Some of the standard features for each homeowner will be on site rain barrels for storm water collection, installation of pervious driveways and surfaces, as well as the implementation of native plants through rain gardens and planter boxes to increase the retention capacity of each property.




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