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NORA CAP Team - the water collaborative

The Water Collaborative seeks to build a diverse network of all who are impacted by flood risk to focus on equitable practices to sustainably live and thrive with water. We envision an inclusive network of communities who work to make the world climate resilient by pushing New Orleans to become a leader in rights-based water management. TWC focuses on educating residents across the Greater New Orleans Area and Gulf Coast Region about flood solutions, resources, workforce development, pertinent research, and much more. Water doesn’t care about your race, gender, color, or creed. As an organization TWC believes equity must be intentionally incorporated into all of every sector. TWC seeks to ensure equitable policies and measures are always considered and the most vulnerable communities receive resources for their sustainable development. TWC works with city, state, and federal workers and elected officials to support their understanding of urban water management to further comprehensive policy measures to support the urban water sector’s growth and sustainability. Utilizing its membership base TWC creates policy recommendations advocating for support needs of the urban water sector. We also provide Consulting and Project Management services to inform the general public on stormwater management best practices, community education and engagement, and socially responsible economic development.

Jessica Dandridge, MA has dedicated her to life to community advocacy and campaign development for organizations seeking to be socially, economically and culturally inclusive. With over 15 years of experience working in urban and rural community engagement, education, and nonprofit development, she has worked for, or in collaboration with, dozens of organizations in Greater New Orleans. Ms. Dandridge is a trained facilitator from Youth Programs Quality Initiative, has a certificate in Leadership, Activism and Civil Rights from Brown University, and a certificate in Kingian Nonviolence Strategies from the Selma Center of Nonviolence.

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