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green infrastructure examples

GI Illustrations_Rain Garden.png
Rain gardens

Rain gardens, or bioretention cells, are shallow basins that are filled with water-loving plants that are native to Louisiana. Rain gardens absorb runoff that may fall from gutters, roofs, sidewalks, and streets.  

planter boxes

Planter boxes are smaller rain gardens that have vertical walls. They are perfect on residences where you have limited space for a larger rain garden.

GI Illustrations_Rain Barrel.png
Rain barrels

Rain barrels are containers that are connected to a down spout off a property, which allows them to collect runoff from roofs and gutters during rain events. You can use the stored rain water for your lawn or garden.

permeable Surfaces

Permeable surfaces allow water to sink through small crevices, rather than create runoff, which happens with concrete and sidewalks. Permeable surfaces are perfect for features like driveways and walkways on residential properties. 

GI Illustrations_Permeable Pavement.png
French Drain_4x.png
infiltration trench

An infiltration trench is an excavated pathway that is meant to direct water from one area to another. A perforated pipe is installed underground and the trench is backfilled with gravel. As the water flows down the path, it is absorbed into the ground, preventing further runoff.

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